Appeal Process

Each state requires various procedures for filing a notice of appeal. Requirements may also vary. Listed below are different processes involved in filing a notice of appeal.

  • Consult your lawyer regarding all needed documentations.A court transcript is also required. Be warned that this can be quite expensive.
  • Inform the proper parties and authorities. For a notice of appeal, there are three important parties whom you need to notify, your spouse (and his/her lawyer), lower court clerk and court reporter. Notifications should come in the form of legal writing. The grounds of the appeal must be stated in the letter.
  • All transcripts and trial records must be transferred to the specific appellate court. Generally, this is processed together with your notice of appeal. Since different states have distinct requirements, make sure to inquire if a transcript fee is needed in your state. You need to compile transcripts, notice, evidence documents, stenographer notes and other important materials and have them delivered by your lawyer. Identify how many copes you need to make and whom you need to send copies to.