Preparing for a Divorce

How Should I Prepare for a Divorce in Atlanta Georgia?

Divorce is a very complicated process, both emotionally, financially and legally. There are a lot of aspects that need to be dealt with that usually takes a lot of time and effort. In this tough time, you need to plan your life accordingly to minimize stress. Planning should be done the very time you decide to file for a divorce. Listed below are helpful tips to help you make it through.


  • Find a reputable family lawyer. With divorce, you can certainly handle the processing on your own. However, it is advisable to let professionals handle things considering the sensitivity and complexity of divorce matters. Regardless of the type of case you will file, hiring a reputable family lawyer will ensure that you will get what you legally deserve.


  • Find your own place. In case you don’t feel comfortable living in the family home, find yourself a new place if you can afford it financially. However, seek your lawyer’s opinion on the matter first.


  • Open a new bank account. Do this in another bank, not the same one you and your spouse is currently using. Don’t forget to write your new address in the forms.


  • Apply for a new credit card. This is the time for you to open your own credit card, separate from the one that you and your spouse used. Do this at another bank or credit card company that offers low interest rate. Make it a point to pay your monthly dues on time in order to set up good credit.


  • Make copies of credit reports and other important documents. By getting copies of your credit reports, you will be able to compute and determine the debt amount you and your spouse share. Store important documents in a safe place.


  • Conduct a personal property inventory. Write down all your personal properties, right down to the smallest item you own. Identify its market value, who purchased the item and when. Gather all significant, expensive and sentimental items. Take dated pictures of each one of them. Include these pictures to your personal property inventory. It is advisable to hire an appraiser if you own a highly valuable property.


  • Find a stable job. If you don’t have sufficient funds, start finding a stable job that will provide you with a steady income. A job will help you stay independent. It can also provide numerous benefits, like retirement savings, health insurance coverage and many more.


  • Plan all possible legal expenses accordingly. There are always legal expenses involved in divorce. This being said, you need to plan accordingly. Discuss estimated costs with your lawyer and all possible options you can take to minimize on expenses.